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All sessions are £45 for each dog.  The first session will take approximately 1 hour. Following sessions will take approximately 45 min.

In the first session, I will discuss your dog’s lifestyle and regular activities alongside any information the vet might have included on the vet consent form.  I will also do a gait analysis and an initial palpation. These all help me to build a picture of what the issue might be and how I might best help your dog.

According to the Veterinary Act 1966 and the Veterinary Exemption Order 2015 physiotherapy may only be given to an animal by someone who is not a vet so long as they are under direct supervision of a vet.  Clients usually find it easy to obtain a signed consent form from their Vet.

You should see some improvement soon after the first treatment and the issue should be significantly improved by the third treatment.  Some dogs may appear stiffer the day following treatment, this is a normal part of the healing process.

I work with your dog, not on your dog.  I will monitor your dog’s body language and adapt my techniques accordingly to ensure that your dog is happy at all times.  It is important that your dog trusts me and I have found that I get better results in the longer term using therapeutic handling and working within the limits of what your dog is comfortable with.